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[Séminaire] From Badakhshan to Zarang.Talks about Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage

From Badakhshan to Zarang. Talks about Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage
Lundi 08 Novembre 2021

The Department of Archaeology at the Institute of Pars (Iran), and the University Lyon 2, Archéorient (UMR 5133), in collaboration with the Society for Iranian Archaeology, hold a series of virtual seminars entitled “From Badakhshan to Zarang; Talks about Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage”
- E
very Monday, from 4th October to 8th November 2021 Via Zoom
15: 00 (London/GMT+0) 16: 00 (Paris/GMT+1) 10:00 (New York/ GMT-5)
>>> Program (.pdf)
Contact : Zahra Kouzehgari

◊ 4th October 2021 - Affiche (.pdf)
- "Updates about Afghan Archaeology; What results after 20 years of Field Work?"
Dr. Philippe Marquis, Director of the French Archaeological Delegation in Afghanistan; Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

◊ 11th October 2021 - Affiche (.pdf)
- "Safeguarding Afghanistan's cultural heritage: a practical perspective"
Mr. Jolyon Lesli, Afghan Cultural Heritage Consulting Organisation (ACHCO)

◊ 18th October 2021
- "Bactria of a Thousand Cities: Urban Life in Late Antique Miirosan"
Dr. Khodadad Rezakhan, Senior Research Associate, Institute for Area Studies, Leiden University, Netherlands

◊ 25th October 2021 - Affiche (.pdf)
- "The durability of buddhism in Kabul between the 5th and 11th century, according to the excavations of Tapa-e-Nârenj and Qol-e-Tut monasteries"
Dr. Zafar Paima, Director of excavations of Buddhist monasteries in Kabul, between 2003 and 2019; Associate researcher at CNRS-ENS (UMR 8546).

◊ 1st November 2021 Affiche (.pdf)
-"Ancient Herat - Searching for Traces of a Great Past"
Dr. Ute Franke, Dr. Thomas Urba, Project Affiliation: German Archaeological Institute, Berlin, and Museum für Islamische Kunst - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

◊ 8th November 2021 Affiche (.pdf)
- "Archaeological Studies and Excavation in the Aneicnt Site of Mes Aynak, Logar Province, 2012-2020"
Mr. Khair mohammad Khairzâd, Former Head of Excavation Department, Institute of Archaeology, Ministry of Information and Culture, Afghanistan



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